skinny Jeans


Don’t be a ninny, go skinny! Skinny jeans, unlike jeggings, feature a solid denim texture and typically have real pockets on the rear. A good fit is snug but has a little stretch in any places that need it. They’re acceptable anywhere jeans are, and the dark wash rule still applies for dressier occasions. Since celebrities have been rocking tapered jeans since the ‘50s, it’s pretty safe to say skinny jeans have past the trend phase and become a wardrobe staple.
For Every Shape
Skinny jeans aren’t just for skinny bodies. You can have curves and wear skinnies. It’s just a matter of trying different brands and styles to find the perfect fit for your body type. Even slim jeans should keep everything contained, so check for muffin top before buying.
At Every Age
It’s all about how you wear skinny jeans, not how old you are when wearing them. Keep your entire ensemble, including jewelry or accessories, age-appropriate and you’ll look as young as you feel.
On Top
Short or tight shirts are not recommended, unless you’ve got the model-thin abs. Long, loose-fitting tops are a fashionable choice that effectively hide potential problem areas. Tunics work well, as does belting a long blouse. Mix it up with something different like long, asymmetrical tees.
With Every Step
Ankle booties and pumps are great with skinny jeans because they elongate your legs. You’ll be a showstopper on the street in slingbacks or cage sandals. If you prefer longer boots, the skinny jean should easily slip inside. Flats offer a comfortably classic look but won’t give your legs the same oomph as heels. For more foot support, opt out of athletic shoes and go for a stylish oxford. Just keep the footwear sleek to maximize the jean’s slenderizing effect.