This term does not just define all the latest or the most popular or the most famous clothes. In reality this social phenomenon involves more importance. In some way fashion helps us to show who we are and depict our personality in the terms of visual information. In the way we choosing clothes we show our attitude to world and other people. It is also some kind of communication. We put some of our personality at everything, how we behave at different situations, what we eat and which style of clothes we choose at shops. All the parts of it build the main stream of fashion. But in spite of our personality every person at the world have something in common. Even if it’s the smallest thing. All over the world there are a lot of people who have the same tastes, who choose the same food and trousers of the same kind. There are a lot of traits which build the fashion of today. 

 All tends which influence us show which social group we belong to. It is called common replete identical life style. The most representative trend is wearing the latest and getting things which considered to be fashionable. Modern society create fashion on branding. There are not companies and manufactures anymore. Customers think in the terms of brands. Entrepreneurs are able to occupy niche and communicate to their target market offering people of a definite life style what they want and need, Or even create a demand by themselves.  l
But you should not inhibit the true meaning of modern fashion. What is the essential sense of fashion? It is all about how society feels itself mentally. Fake fashion has not life. There is not any chances to survive for it. People and societies create fashion and make it the standard of life. That’s why modern trends represent the condition of society and carry what we call an environment. Fashion is the representative of modern ethics also. If you do not like the modern fashion you do not like the condition of modern society.

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