How to wear boots! !,,

right style and length to compliment your outfit.
When choosing your boots, consider your outfit. The hemline of full, loose-fitting skirts and dresses should gently drape over the top of your boots. Shorter, tighter skirts and dresses should allow for a couple inches or more between the hem and the boot.
Ankle-Length Boots & Booties
Studded, sequined or sexy black ankle boots are perfect for parties or a night out on the town. Short booties look great with leggings, ankle pants or even jeans. Stately, simple ankle boots can be work appropriate, particularly when worn with tailored pants.
Country Chic Boots
Nothing says country chic like denim jeans or a cotton dress and a sturdy pair of boots. Boots inspired by wild western culture or the farm life of the Midwest look appropriately traditional when partnered with denim and cotton.
High-Heeled Boots
High-heels add a little power in every step. High-heeled boots, particularly in leather or suede, are often dressy enough for work or the weekend. For a business casual work environment, consider wearing boots with shirt dresses or a collared shirt and tailored skirt. For the weekend, try wearing boots with a belted tunic.
Classic Height Boots
Transition your favorite lightweight summer dresses into the fall season with a pair of classic length boots and your cover up of choice. Use this trick again at winter’s end to bring out spring dresses a little early when the weather warms up but still has a chill in the air.
Thigh-Length Boots
Turning heads is easy in a pair of thigh highs. If you’re dying to wear a mini skirt or shorts, thigh-length boots are the way to go. Black leather used to be synonymous with the nightclub scene, but designers are putting out classy thigh high designs in black and other neutrals like brown, grey or white to be worn at any time of day. As with any tall boot, remember to put on tights or long socks to protect both your legs and your boots from wear.