How to wear leggings

It’s all about legs, baby. Leggings have made a comeback but not as they were in the 80s. Today’s fashionable woman avoids the shiny fabrics and neon colors of the past. Instead, she turns to a thicker, more solid legging without shine that conceals rather than reveals.
Solid or Print?
Solid leggings can be worn under other solid colors or prints. Leggings with a print or pattern typically look best when coupled with a solid color. You certainly don’t want to wear prints that compete with each other and confuse the eyes. In the summer, a bright, printed legging is stunning under a white tunic top.
Jackets and Sweaters
Enjoy layering up your leggings with comfortable cover ups. Long cardigans (at least mid-thigh length) look great with leggings and a curt top underneath. A short jacket or blazer can be just as charming with leggings, just be sure the shirt is long enough to cover your bum if the jacket isn’t. Denim jackets and leggings also go well with shorter-length dresses or skirts. Scarves are the go-to accessory for all of the above.
Tunics and Long Tops
Without a cover up, leggings work well under tunics, chemises, long tops and dresses. When wearing cotton leggings, the trick is to pick silky fabrics that won’t stick or catch on your legs while you walk. Don’t skimp on the fabric softener and all should be well.
Leggings can have a great minimizing effect when well-accessorized. If your goal is to keep eyes off your midsection, raise the focal point of onlookers with a cute scarf, eye-catching earrings or short necklaces. With long sweaters, vests and tops, adding a wide belt can turn a simple outfit into the image of chic. Plus, you’ll be creating an hourglass figure on your own terms.
With casual knit leggings, cute flats are a comfortable way to complete your look. With a layered look, boots are also optimal.